Dr. Kluane Spake

Lately, I haven’t wanted to be around a lot of my “old” friends anymore. I confess that I’ve avoided several conferences just because hearing their narrow-minded opinions (not mine of course) one more time is tooooo much! My friends are divided. We don’t have the closeness we once had. Differing opinions escalate our discomfort with one another.

WAIT! This disconnection is an ILLUSION.

JESUS SAID WE ARE ALREADY ONE… In His high priestly prayer, He prayed that we might be ONE as He and the Father are ONE, that the world might know that He was sent to the world (Jn. 17). Inside this prayer are Divine words with the power to come true within themselves. This prayer is finished — it is not ongoing. We are ONE because Jesus decreed it, right before He was crucified. It was his last will and testament to give us unity.

Within our individual humanity, it is difficult to see eternal Truth. Let us inquire of the Lord… one more time.

We don’t have to agree on worldly subjects. The imperative reality is ONENESS that already exists. We must apprehend and become aware of this Biblical Truth. Undifferentiated awareness shows us that love conquers all.

The only thing that can stop us is to remain divided – Let us lay down our narrow opinions and move together once again. Let us stop labeling others or assuming that we know their heart. The only way to have impact and to show Christ to the world is for us to STOP being divided by secular problems.


No matter what others may say or do, awaken to the Truth that they are (already) one with you.  Allow them to be whoever they are – let the Holy Spirit speak to them about change. Ask the Lord to show you the Love that He has for them.

The “Lego – Batman” movie tells us that Lego pieces are built to CONNECT! So are we! We can’t build alone.

You can have opinions – but opinions should not own you.

Opinions should not dictate who you love or who you minister to with kindness. “Beloved, let us run together.”


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