The Law of Sin and Death

The Law of Sin and Death

The Law of Sin and Death vs. the Law of LIFE!

Dr. Kluane Spake

In the Old Testament, the Law of Sin and Death ruled. A person had to fulfill all the law or be guilty of disobeying all the law (Gal. 3:10, Jms. 2:10). The Law revealed sin and showed us that it was impossible to keep it. It also spoke of curses for disobedience (see Deut. 28-30).

sin and death 1Under the Law, they were NOT free from sin and death.  Under the Old Covenant, death reigned. The power of sin and death came through ONE MAN (Rom. 5:12-13). ROM. 6:23 – “The wages of sin is death. Where there is SIN, death REIGNS.

The purpose of the Law was to be a “SCHOOLMASTER.” The schoolmaster taught people how to live before there was salvation through the cross.

When the Commandments came, sin became alive (the awareness of sin was recognizable). Guilt and condemnation ruled over all humanity. Paul called this the Law of Sin and Death. No human could fully live the Law.

Only Jesus could keep the LAW fully. Therefore, through death, Jesus became a curse for us (Gal. 3:13-14, 18) and REDEEMED HUMANITY FROM SIN AND THE CURSE OF THE LAW (Gal. 3:24). That means believers are no longer under the Law.

No one can keep the Law. But, Jesus came to fulfill that Law in Himself.

We cannot find God through legalism, obligation, or duty — but through Faith and grace and truth (Mat. 5:19).

Still, it is really difficult for believers to accept that they are free from the Law of Sin and Death.

Even Paul had a difficult time — As a Pharisee, Paul struggled with being obligated to the Law – he kept feeling like he had to do something besides just believe. He said that the “Law of my mind brings captivity tsin and death 2o the Law of Sin that is in my members.”  (He talked about how sin dwells in your old man — carnality). This is the BODY of death.

Paul spoke of the confusion in his life, he wanted to do what was right, but he couldn’t. He was downcast about how his flesh served the “Law of Sin” (Rom. 7:25). Paul said that had been trying to do the right thing, but the Law of Sin was upon him. He felt guilty and condemned because he couldn’t live according to the Law.

Paul said he was a “wretched man” because he could not be delivered from his body of death and he could not live perfectly (Rom. 7:24). An awareness of sin made him have to die daily to himself.

Paul was trying to fulfill the Law by doing more things. But, he finally realized that the Law was totally fulfilled in Christ and all the curses were cancelled. The Cross cancels the “handwriting” that was against us, (the curses for disobedience, the enmity of the Law) (Eph.  2:14-15 & Col. 2:14).

Most of us have the same problem that Paul had– we think there must be something else besides the Cross. Legalism weighs us down. There must be something more we have to do. How can we realize that because of Christ, the previous curses and obligations cannot affect us?

But finally, Paul gets it!

Reading onto the next chapter (Rom. 8:1-4), we find one of the most sensational Scriptures ever written! “At last…”  Paul wrote the defined understanding. He said, “AT LAST… I HAVE DISCOVERED THE “SPIRIT OF LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS WHICH MADE HIM “FREE FROM SIN AND DEATH!”

The Spirit of LIFE means that we walk free! We are free of disapproval, inadequacy, free of fear of the curse of the Law, and free to love God and experience His LIFE.

When do you get to experience LIFE eternal? Is that promised life just for heaven in the clouds while you sit there with your harp? Or…  can you, because of grace, go through trails and circumstances while still REIGNING in LIFE?

Experiencing eternal LIFE is a choice.

For the law of the spirit of life in Christ jess has made you and me free from the Law of Sin and Death!