Storms of Life

Crossing Over In Storms

Crossing Over in Storms of Life

by Dr. Kluane Spake

The LORD has his way in the whirlwind and in the storm. Nahum 1:3

Storms of life… There seem to be too many — and so we ask to understand, why are there storms? I hope to write a few thoughts about OVERCOMING and Crossing Over IN THE WORST KINDS OF STORMS…

Storms of Life

I know what it is like. Devastation and loss. Many years ago, we had a flood of over 5.5 feet in our new Alaska home where we had moved less than a month before. Many unpacked boxes were still in the garage… the garage door floated open. I was 7 months pregnant with our third child when we lost every personal belonging inside and out. Then, again in Guam we experienced many many super typhoons with great loss particularly to our Church.

The Lord sends His word to those who may be hurting right now — may the vision of God beat in your heart today. You’ve heard it before but let it become reality at this moment. Surely, you “Can do all things through Christ which strengthens” you (Phil. 4:13).

You can OVERCOME. You can rebuild. You can learn a lot from the experience. You can help others. The word for WIND is also the word for “Spirit and also breath.” “Pneuma” deals with the person and work of Holy Spirit. And sometimes we find out that the Sweet Heavenly Dove has a stormy side – a time of turbulence when things get precarious and our boat rocks.

Looking back over the storms in life, it is clear that OVERCOMING storms provided a concealed history of being dealt with by God – about what is important –a life that produces the potency of authenticity, the essential reality for readiness, and the demands for realness and alertness.

Lightning and hail, snow and clouds, stormy winds that do HIS bidding. Psalm 148:8 NIV

Storms of Life

Going under with storms, circumstances, and accidents. Jonah got caught in a boat in a storm. He was OUT of the will of God. Paul was caught in a boat in a storm. He was IN the will of God. Jesus slept in the boat in a storm. He IS the will of God.

· Jonah overcame the storm — unwillingly.

· Paul endured storm and used it to move forward. When Paul was shipwreck, what did he do? He said, “So take courage! For I believe God! It will be just as he said!”(Acts 27:25 TLB). Then, Paul looked around the boat and tossed the excess junk overboard.

· Jesus taught us to take dominion over storm. Take dominion over your fear and find the right strategy. Take dominion over circumstances and be creative about new results.

One of Our Storms:

Numerous times, we stood on the shore and commanded the fierce storms to turn away. But, one day, the Lord clearly said to us that this next storm would not turn away. And a super-storm came into our midst. We called it “Typhoon Holiness.”

So convincing was the Word that this storm was coming, that many of our congregation bought generators, expecting a super-typhoon in the natural – and as it came we began to understand what this spiritual typhoon would mean as well…

This was a wind of personal purification. There would be no way to escape, because it blew into every hidden place — even into our emotional attics fixed with dust and into our hidden boxes of rummage and clandestine secrets. In my understanding, many perished in the merciless gale – never to overcome or be seen again.

Only some survivors knew how to brace themselves — standing with outstretched arms and facing straight into the blasting winds. The storm requires a death to all that we are. That leads us to the other side, where we deal with those things that keep us from being all that we can be. This process takes a while.

We presumed to understand the fierceness of this purging, but the intensity surprised us as we barely hung on to the anchor of hope. The wind of the Holy Spirit relentlessly blew at our own imagined desire to be significant. The storm turned around, gathered strength, and came back upon us again. The gale howled loudly for repentance. Our human plans crashed against the coral, as the lessons of humility were written into our hearts. By letting that storm cleanse every area, we rediscovered the calm pools of sanctification and transformation that prepared for our future encounters.

With our windblown hair all matted in disarray, we clutched onto the second part of the promise with great gratitude. The back part of the storm would be the blast of God’s presence — of love, glory, and power – filling our lives with His Shekinah glory.

This very gale enables the purified believer to surf the very crest of what the Lord guarantees for this hour.

Those who will trust the blowing of the Spirit during a storm will successfully cross us over into the destination.

I pray that you are encouraged! More soon…

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