Storm of Holiness


Dr. Kluane Spake

REVIEW The Storm of Holiness: Numerous times, we stood on the shore and commanded the fierce storms to turn away. But, one day, the Lord clearly said to us that this next storm would not turn away. And a super-storm came into our midst. We named it, “Typhoon Holiness.”

So convincing was the Word, that many of our congregation bought generators, expecting a super-typhoon in the natural and as it came we began to understand what this spiritual typhoon would mean. This was a wind of personal purification.

There would be no way to escape, because it blew into every hidden place — even into our attics fixed with dust and into our hidden boxes of rummage and clandestine secrets. Many died in the merciless gale — never to be seen again. Only the survivors knew how to brace themselves — standing with outstretched arms and facing straight into the blasting winds.

We remember the story about the apostles being in a boat with Jesus when the tempestuous storm came. Jesus slept.

Along our journey, there’s always another storm to cross over with unchanging purpose. But, we ride in His boat — the vehicle of form provided for our safety.

Remember too, that all the disciples climbed into that one boat together. Peter didn’t have his little boat, and John another. We must cross over to the other side in a corporate boat, and in the process, our individual agendas meld into one.

He leads us from where we are to where He wants us to go; from the known to the wonderfully unfamiliar places of the unknown. Like the exhausted followers upon that stormy lake, we wearied of contending with the dark waves of adversity.

The One Who calms every storm teaches us to persevere. The waves may be over our head, but as with the ebb and flow of good times and bad, storms eventually end. Wind and waves can’t move us from our course. Through it all, His authority perfects itself as we yield to His dealings.

Keep in mind, there is always something bigger waiting on the other side. Even the disciples were ill prepared for what they found in the morning light. The exhausted travelers were finally able to SEE — and it was a steep cliff… You can almost hear their complaints, “Well, it’s too high, too cold, too far!” Oh it sounds so familiar.

What’s that? You’re getting the picture? It’s not tranquil over here either. Yes, AT THE OTHER END OF THE STORM, the GADERENE WAITS — the worst growler-packing, demonically depressed person that had ever been described. The whole city feared this lunatic with a legion of demons.

Suddenly, that violent storm brought Jesus to intersect and heal that hopelessly insane man. And more difficult still, the once terrified townspeople furiously demanded that Jesus leave town.

It didn’t make any sense, but they didn’t like the results. Why? This region raised pigs (even though Jews didn’t eat pig). Their livelihood just ran over the cliff! The destruction of their whole economic base caused them to forget the miracle — this was serious.

The result of that great miracle was that once again, the apostles were hated — and we should expect the same dislike. God’s game plan often opposes what others want.

Are you ready to withstand storms of ostracism and rejection, especially from other Christians? Are you willing to be of no reputation?

But the final realization is the real shocker. I’m the disciple in the boat AND I’m the Gadarene. The hopeless Gadarene, the chained person living in the tomb is me!

Somehow, I thought I was okay, but the habits of the spirit of death lingered, causing me to want to keep on dying. Inside that mausoleum, long held and mistaken philosophies silently breathe as nearby worms and spiders creep around my face. Within my un-dealt with carnal soul clings the spirit of death, crawling with legions of fear that entrap me in webs.

The ghosts of religious ideas and long held superstitions hauntingly hold me transfixed. But suddenly, He journeys with me through the storm and out from that isolated cemetery to a place of greater self-discovery.

How did He know how much I needed that Him to bring me though that storm? He brought me here to set me free from old mentalities. I’m not dead anymore. He rolled away my tomb stone of ineffectiveness! I knew about the resurrection but was not fully living IN IT. The storm brings me to the Third day — a place of LIFE. The typhoon called “Holiness” completes its work.

And I, stepping into the brightest daylight, watch as the veils of blindness drop from my eyelids, like the weighty cob-webs once strewn in the musty corners of my shrine, they detach and fall forever. Understanding of the finished work pulses a new strong cadence, and I can hear the bride now sing, “Winter is past and gone.”

Extending His hand, the Lord says, “Come away with me into the dawn of the NEW DAY.” The reasons are clear now; I went through the storms in order to fully be delivered from the narrow minded crypt of my own making. I walk out to find that the road winds up from here among the hills to that great city. Without regret, I leave the known script of yesterday and advance into the vibrant yellow-green day. Life explodes with fulfillment, moving full-tilt into divine destiny.

Storms bring me to an encounter with dying things that need to change in me.