Sex & the Bible – Uncensored

Sex & the Bible


Sex & the Bible – Uncensored

For almost two thousand years, the Church has been totally obsessed with sex – often meaning to NOT have any.

Unabashed, intimate, and just in time, Dr. Kluane Spake’s book, “Sex and the Bible – Uncensored” offers a full-scale examination and explanation of our obsolete ideas about sex and our bodies.

If you have been shamed or wounded by the Church’s limiting views about sexuality — this book is for you.

Why has the Church tried to control human sexuality?

Whether you are a believer or not, how does the influence of that constraint of the Church still affect you?


For nearly two thousand years, this obsession has often turned destructive—inflicting pain, suffering, and guilt on countless people.

To explain this overarching restraint, Dr. Kluane examines the Scriptures and examines the biblical theology to explain what the Church has taught for centuries… and also examines the detrimental results of those teachings.

The HISTORY OF CHRISTIAN SEXUALITY and the stories of abuse and sexual misconduct in the Old Testament are horrific and uncorrected!

As you discover, we must consider the unopposed power of patriarchy and the mindset of the translators. BUY HERE

Surely, we know that the Lord has created sex to be enjoyed, and understanding the Gospel correctly can heal your heart, liberate your mind, and transform your life.

PS Don’t be offended. If you are not ready for frank and uncensored discussion, don’t buy this book!


Sex & the Bible Uncensored



Dr. Kluane Spake