School of the Apostles

The School of the Apostles is Divided into Two Parts:

APOSTOLIC IMPACT MINISTRY Course  PART #1 The School of the Apostles  This course is designed to fill in the gaps left by conventional ministry instruction. What is needed to move from a pastoral ministry mindset to the apostolic? We all want to be effective and to express ourselves to others. What is it that makes a ministry move from ordinary to stunning? Learn exactly what you need to do next.

The secret is learning how to see differently. This is a twelve week online course .        READ MORE DETAILS HERE

APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY: PART #2  This is a 12-module Online coaching program with LOTS of information, teaching, videos, and resources about moving your mindset and what you do in ministry to an apostolic position.  The text is, APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY. This is a powerful course and you will be amazed at the content!  Our goal is to help you expand your influence and update your teaching so that you can have greater IMPACT in the Kingdom for good. We want to help you rightly develop and deliver the Gifts inside of you.    READ MORE DETAILS HERE

DISCLAIMER:  As good as all my products and services are created for you – and they are state of the art – I am not and will not promise you any level or degree of success, I wish I could, but I can’t.  Succeeding in ministry takes determination, work, effort,  time, and talent. It all depends upon if you are called of God! And it all depends on your perseverance, capabilities, and your work ethic.  So if you’re looking for get a huge ministry fast – this is not the place.   If you’re one of those folks who never implements what you learn, then you should look elsewhere – I can offer the best instruction — but can’t make you do it! There are no refunds on digital products.

But if you’re ready to take responsibility for your own success in life and ministry — and you want help getting there — and you will let nothing get in your way to stop your dream… then this school is definitely the place for you.  I hope you start NOW! Welcome to the fold!

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