Seven Truths About Prophetic Writers & Prophetic Writing

7Truths About Prophetic Writers & Prophetic Writing

Theresa Harvard Johnson

  1. Prophetic writing indicates that God has placed a burden upon a person to write something. It does not mean the person is a GOOD writer. Training is OFTEN still required to PERFECT the skill.
  1. Writing “prophetically” does not mean leave your writing AS IT IS. This is a HUGE misconception among prophetic people. Even “the prophetic” must be filtered through one’s mind, perceptions, presuppositions, etc. EVERYTHING must be tempered in love, and sometimes that means “writing” without attitude but fully keeping the message clear. God said to Habakkuk, “… MAKE the vision PLAIN so that those who read can run with it.” As a seasoned prophetic writer, he had PERMISSION to edit the vision.
  1. Prophetic writing is not limited to “prophetic flow.” Sadly, many believers have been conditioned to believe that prophetic writing must come from a “stream.” This isn’t always true. In fact, most prophetic writing assignments come in PARTS – a title here, a thought there, a revelation here… a revelation there. Then one day, the urgency hits to put it all together. A “FLOW” is not necessary for every single piece of prophetic writing. Every prophetic writer moves in his or her own way in cooperation with Holy Spirit.
  1. Prophetic writing is not necessarily a prophetic word or a prophetic utterance put to paper. It can also be a prophetic REVEALING as I have come to understand it within my teachings and scribe school. There are writers who have “prophetic burdens” concerning certain subjects – like health and fitness, marriage, childcare, homelessness, mental illness, the war in the middle east… or whatever. They are UNCTIONED to raise awareness concerning these topics and PUSH toward sound solutions in culture, communities, etc. Their writing is DIFFERENT but it is COMPLETELY PROPHETIC… as it follows a prophetic MANDATE.
  1. Being a prophetic writer DOES NOT MEAN you must prophesy directly! This is a huge misconception. It means that you must operate in the heart and mind of God during your “prophetic writing directives.” For example, a character in a play or script may be written a certain way specifically to evoke a supernatural awareness and prophetic response. Prophetic demonstration is at its base.
  1. Being a prophetic writer does not mean your work does not need comprehensive editing to make sure it makes sense to people other than yourself and to ensure that is doctrinally sound. Prophetic people, as I see it, need way more accountability in what they release than those who are not prophetic. The rules about judging the message still applies.
  1. Prophetic writer’s WRITE into the KINGDOM as much as they write into the earth. To BE a prophetic writer is to position one’s self as a “scribal mouthpiece” of the Lord. It is an open statement that declares one is writing out of the HEART AND MIND OF GOD! It is imperative that “prophetic writers” grasp hold of this and run with it. Anything “other than this” is not prophetic writing.  Copyright 2017 Theresa Harvard Johnson#propheticWriter# #PropheticWriting# #KluaneSpake#