Dr. Kluane Spake

We must open our spiritual eyes to see what really exists, not what our natural senses and feelings tell us. It is the PERCEPTION OF EQUALITY that must be apprehended.

No longer should we strive toward equality — it’s not an issue — it just IS.

It was only after David perceived himself to be king (which he had legally been since a teenager), that 1 Chronicles says he obtained victory at Baal Perizim (14:11).

One day it dawned on David that he already held the position and authority of that royal office. When he finally “perceived” it, then God was able to break through like water from a pent-up dam.

Like David, all of us must perceive the fullness of our salvation, redemption, and inheritance through Christ.

The Holy Spirit invites us to sit down on the throne of abundant authority, and live in victory. It’s up to us! Will we?

There’s nothing more anyone can do to merit His grace. Don’t try to do anything else, just choose to reign.

TODAY! Choose to BE equal – no need to strive. Become part of the new breed, hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:1-11).

The old man is already dead (Rom. 6:6) — and you can prevail today. It’s “metanoia” – the perception beyond our understanding of just who we are “In Him” — that frees us to love the world. We see that the cross FULLY brings each of us into positional equality.

Suddenly, from the inside out (like a volcano), comes the realization that our son-ship made us the victor. It’s already done!

Our freedom is already here — and it breaks through in us as we accurately perceive and overcome the divisive OLD NATURE (feelings of hatred, prejudice, and offense) that has bedeviled and haunted our minds.

Now at last, we can focus on this freedom, we hear a rustling in the Mulberry trees — the turtledoves sing of reconciliation. It’s this process of perceiving our position of being equally together IN CHRIST that discloses the reality of full redemption for all believers. Only then will our triumphant lives bear witness to a lost humanity.

My friend, the call of God comes today saying:

You’ve been misunderstood in days gone by, by many who have looked on the external and not discerned your heart. But, I am the discerner of the heart says the Lord. …So it doesn’t matter what men might say, or murmur and complain about. You just be faithful over the things I have called you to do, and your life will come about. The authority for ministry comes from the awareness of the emerging Christ person within. And be not afraid of those that speak out against you or of those who overlook you, but be afraid of missing the full plan and purpose of God.

A revelation of total redemption removes our archaic understanding of role identities. What do minorities want? Women, the aged, the young, the poor, the rich, the different ethnic groups… What do they want?

  • To not be ignored.
  • They want acceptance, opportunity, and respect for their personhood.
  • They want a chance to use their fullest competency to serve God, and to have fellowship with others who are involved in mutual callings.
  • They want to be fully human and have a right to be satisfied.

As hurting souls, we groan with “eager anticipation” (prolepsis) of the future fulfillment of our desires (Rom. 8:23). Proleptic anticipation means, at least in part, to realize that the promised event has ALREADY ARRIVED.

Prolepsis could be further defined as a chronological altering, a dating of an event before it happens. That’s why we can say that the breakthrough has come, prejudice is already defeated. It is why we confidently “show forth the Lord’s death until He comes” (1 Cor. 11:26). His death already triumphed over prejudice and inequity. It is finished. Paul said that everything participates in groaning. Romans 1:22-23 explains how we groan inwardly because we anticipate coming NOW into the fullness of our inheritance.

How can we tear town this wall of partition, this arrogant unbending separation?

We can’t, but God already did.

Birthed out of your pain, comes this refreshing seedling of hope. Hope says it’s time for those yearning ones (of all races, social levels, and gender) to come forth clothed with an armor of light and panting after Jesus, the Lover of their souls. With unutterable gushings of the heart (stenagmos Rom. 8:23), we plead for the “perception” and the actualization of our release from carnality to spirituality—to the resurrection promise of eternal-life. NOW.