My Tools

As you’ll see on this page, I use a ridiculous number of apps, tools, and programs. It will take some time for me to get them all up here.

The truth is, I’ve used many more than you’ll see listed here, but these are the best of the best. All of these tools have in some way impacted my business or personal life, and I definitely think you should check them out.


The Greatest Help of all is Infusionsoft. I use it for Emails, Newsletters, and my store. It will help you in ministry and business. Use my link here and get the whole Church/Ministry system for the same price as the plain Infusionsoft without the pre-built content! With or without the Church/Ministry system, this is guaranteed to be the best price possible for Infusionsoft!

Focus@WillFocus@Will is the music service I use every day. There are various channels, each with music specifically selected to maximize focus. I use the Acoustical channel when writing, and the Ambient channel during other projects. It’s based on neuroscience, and works wonders for me.



StayFocusd is the Chrome extension I use to block out distracting sites when I need to focus. It allows me to block everything except the sites I need for a certain preset time period. Alternatively, you can set a daily limit of time spent on distracting sites, which are then automatically blocked once your time runs out.



More Coming soon

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