Making Room for New Ideas, Peace, Order, Success, and Greater Revelation!


Welcome to Making Room in Your Life for New Ideas, Peace, Order, Success, and Greater Revelation


This is your official invitation to discover greater access to all that is yours… it is an invitation to begin exploring an exciting adventure. Most all of us are clogged up trying to do too much stuff at once! In this really effective course, you will learn what is hindering your ability to get New Ideas, Peace, Order, Success, and Greater Revelation!

I am very excited to share this time with you. These ideas come from years of research and personal growth.

The course starts whenever you do! Each day, you will receive an intentional email delivered to you – one day at a time. Some messages are short and some are a bit longer – just take time to be aware to consider each idea during the day.

You will be amazed at the change that is possible when you unstick your life and release greater potential within.

Please choose how much you want to pay for this course!   $10.00        $15.00            $20.00

“Dr K, I am so grateful for these words of life, everyday is a powerful affirmation that reminds me I am ok.” Chantay M

Again thank you,WHAT WILL HAPPEN:

You will receive a daily message. Each one is a concept to add to your life. Each message will enhance the rest – with ideas that will grow and help you see what has hindered you. These ideas will increasingly expand for the rest of your life.

You can look back at past emails and follow what you have experienced, but you will not be able to read ahead. The whole idea is that you learn precept by precept – line upon line, here a little — there a little. To change something, you have to learn it repeatedly. You learn incrementally. By doing something repeatedly and incrementally, you and I can methodically progress — and it will be faster and more thorough.

This idea of slowly learning life changing aspects is not new. It is based on a Japanese principle called Kaizen: the practice of continuous improvement.

Too much new information all at once cAbstract14.jpgan be an overload. You will learn to love how slowly the water drips to bring us nutrients and life.

By saving the emails, you will be able to go back and read these lessons over and over.

Hopefully, what you learn will be activated every day of your life.

In order to benefit from this mini-course, you will need to do certain things:

  • Determine to enjoy these lessons.
  • Be still and allow that stillness to open your heart to think again about your life.
  • Let these lessons be your meditation… Take your time and “concentrate” on each message. Then, read it again. This is one place you don’t need to be in a hurry!
  • In a new dedicated book, hand-write your ideas each day. Talk about your fears, feelings, and dreams. Consider it prayerfully.
  • Open yourself to newness. Allow your new concepts and feelings to be free and expand.
  • Revelation is NEW! God is still speaking.
  • If you feel uneasy with an idea, just keep going. Right now, you are making space to hear, see, and comprehend the new.
  • If you miss a day, just keep going…

Each person is on their own life-adventure…

You are provided with the option of choosing how much you want to pay for this course. No matter which payment you choose, each course is the same. We hope you will use this method to help support us.

Please choose how much you want to pay for this course!   $10.00        $15.00            $20.00

You can start today!

LET’S begin Making Room for Life and Success

Dr. Kluane