Living Resurrection Life NOW

Stop Dying Already

This is your official invitation to discover greater access to all that is yours… it is an invitation to begin exploring an exciting adventure. It is a journey into rest.

We are told to enter into the REST… but how? Here are some great ideas!

You will receive a daily message. Each one is a concept to add to your life. Each message will enhance the rest – with ideas that will grow and help you see what has hindered you. These ideas will increasingly expand for the rest of your life.

This idea of slowly learning life changing aspects is not new. It is based on a Japanese principle called Kaizen: the practice of continuous improvement. The Bible says it is precept by precept, here a little there a little… like  how rain drops to bring us nutrients and life.

I am very excited to share this teaching with you.

The course starts whenever you do! Each day, you will receive an intentional email delivered to you – one day at a time. Some messages are short and some are a bit longer – just take time to be aware to consider each idea during the day.