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Grow your Ministry with Automated Email Campaigns!

Sending your visitors nurturing emails will keep them interested, engaged and uplifted ... and bring them back to your church for more!

Our Church and Ministry Email Marketing Campaigns:

  • Build trust with individualized communication!
  • Track your followers' interests so you know where to focus next!
  • Generate greater commitments ... and bigger blessings for your ministry!

What is an automated email campaign?

An automated email campaign is a set of ready-made emails that your members and visitors receive at pre-determined intervals of time. All our emails are totally customizable to suit your church's message, logo and pastor.

Campaigns in our Church and
Ministry Package

How to Overcome Guilt and Live Powerfully

No one is perfect except for Jesus himself! Sometimes, it's easy to forget that and get down on ourselves. This inspirational campaign will help your members and visitors deal with the shame and guilt keeping them in chains. With a free report and 2 follow-up emails, this campaign offers tips to live a Christ-like life without guilt, as well as encourages readers to sign up for your ministry�s newsletter.

How to Pray and Get Answers

Even people who never pray will pray when they have a dire need. This campaign delivers easy-to-implement tips for people who need results from their heartfelt prayers. For new believers, this report can be a game changer, as it sets the stage for a lifetime of productive prayers. This 3-email, free report campaign also reminds readers to sign up for your newsletter.

10 Ways to know God's Will for your Life

Feeling "lost" and "without purpose" is so common in our modern world - even Oprah talks about it! Reach your members and visitors who are feeling purposeless with this campaign. The free report offers 10 tips for Christians to discover God's true purpose in their lives. This campaign includes 3 emails, one free report, and it also asks readers to sign up for your newsletter campaign.

7 Secrets to Being a Successful Christian

With so many different doctrines and messages, it's too easy for Christians to lose sight of the foundational principles of being a successful Christian. The free report in this campaign reminds Christians of the seven basic ways to be a good Christian (that are very easy to follow). With one free report and two follow-up emails, this campaign also encourages readers to sign up for your monthly newsletter.

How It Works

Step 1 - Your members' and visitors' email addresses (contacts) are loaded into the Infusionsoft database.

Step 2 - Each contact is attached to the email marketing campaigns most relevant to them.

Step 3 - Educational, inspiring emails are sent to your contacts at pre-determined time intervals. By seeing your church name and reading your inspirational content time and again, your unique perspective will always be at the front of their minds ... bringing them back through your doors every week!

Step 4 - Infusionsoft tracks your contacts' behavior within the campaigns. You can see what emails they've opened, which videos they've watched, and when/if they "unsubscribe." Knowing this will help you understand what your contacts are interested in, so you can create more impactful sermons and church events that keep your members engaged.

What's Infusionsoft?

We use Infusionsoft, a comprehensive relationship management platform, to send out your emails. Infusionsoft also allows you to send out newsletters and important updates, manage membership, set up an online store, and much more!