Glorious Church –SIFTING & SHIFTING Times

Glorious Church --SIFTING & SHIFTING Times

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Glorious Church –SIFTING AND SHIFTING Times

Many worry about the end of the world… Are we going to limp away and whine about the end of the world?

Jesus waits for us.

I heard the Lord say that right now is a ”SIFTING WIND A SHIFTING WIND.”

The wind that is upon us sifts and blows away the chaff at harvest, and only the wheat remains.

After the sifting, we can be shifted. The shift changes the placement of what is.

Each of us are experiencing a sifting and a shifting. BUT… Jesus said the in that sifting time, He has already prayed that our faith may not fail and that we are to strengthen our brothers and sisters (Lk. 22:31-32).

We are aware of the many changes in the world.

Change is happening – like it or not

Everything is changing – science, medicine, and technology are changing.

A New day is breaking through for the Church and the accelerated change is unbelievable! A deeper restoration of Biblical Truth is upon us.

Sifting is GOOD – it reveals the REAL.

Shifting is GOOD – it gets us in the right place.

The Truth remains – and now, aspects and perspectives change.

Today, the church is positioned on the periphery of what will go down in history as a most powerful move of God. . Jesus is building His Church, “And gates of hell (grave) WILL NOT prevail against it” ( Matt. 16:18).

Jesus waits for us to be a glorious Church.

Jesus Will present to Himself as a “glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing…” (Ephesians 5:27). Maybe we have quoted this Scripture too often that we don’t hear it any more. So far, we have way too much doctrinal error– and most sincere believers have not understood the mandate upon the Church.  GLORIOUS!

Jesus is waiting in the heavenlies until the restoration of all things.

The Church was purchased with his blood.

The Church is His Bride who collectively manifests the glory of God (Rev. 21:11)

The “Church” is God’s dream. Jesus died for it.  The Church is in God’s heart and we need to be provoked to see it

The return of Jesus is not connected to Old Testament feast days – other than they were a prediction of what was to come – TABERNACLES IS THE REVEALING OF CHRIST – IN A PEOPLE.

The FULL return of Jesus is not about blood moons. It is directly connected to the condition of the church. The Spirit and the Bride agree and say “come quickly Lord Jesus.”

God has already given us every provision for church to accomplish her purpose

It is up to us to finish what we are created to do

Choose NOW – Life or death.

Dare to be great. Stop running around looking for feathers and signs and wonders. A wicked generation seeks signs.


Determine to have greater effectiveness and impact.

Align yourself properly and be prepared for rapid revolution!

The Church is sleeping:

We can no longer reduce the Bible to our old level of understanding.  Wake up! Stir yourself Church and come out of the coma. This isn’t the end – it is not about ESCAPE. We’ve been operating Church at unconscious levels – according to our habits, conducts, behaviors, superstitions, traditions, and lifestyles, since we were 5 years old and saw flannel board stories.

No spot or wrinkle!

“Awake sleeper (“put under” (the word is “hupno” in the Greek, from which we get the word “hypnosis” Arise from your sSleep-like trance that is induced by deeply embedded scripts. Yielded to sloth) and rise from the dead (climb out of your coffins, dead – breathed last, lifeless, destitute, destitute, inactive), and Christ will shine on you.”  Give you light, cause the day to dawn!



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Bruce McKibben, my Alaska long ago friend who now lives in Norway, sent this interesting contribution:

“I often hear statements about the curses and catastrophes in books like Daniel and Revelation as being “God’s plan.” But I wonder…

Is prophecy equal to fate? I don’t think so. Jonah prophesied judgment over Nineveh, but it didn’t happen — because God’s plan wasn’t judgment  but repentance and grace. Shouldn’t we have the same attitude about what has been prophesied for the end of the age? Or would we rather be like  Jonah in chapter 4.

Yes, our God never changes. And he is not like a shifting shadow or the wind on the waves. Even so, the biblical record shows that he does change his mind when his people ask him to show mercy rather than judgment.

I really believe that Father is longing for His children to walk into this aspect of His nature — Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons and daughters  of God.  (Or the converse of this might just be that those who embrace judgment rather than mercy will struggle in their own ability to know God as Father. But that is another subject…)”