From Enmity to Equality

Christian Answers for Women

Enmity to Equality

From Enmity to Equality

by Dr. Kluane Spake

From Enmity to Equality provides Christian answers for real women who are looking for freedom and truth. Don’t be held back any longer! This is the theology to set you FREE!

Everyone needs to know the accurate and balanced truth about what has formed the world’s attitudes about gender. Answers every question Is there a factual basis for what you believe about the position of women in the church? Or is it a gut feeling about what others have told you?

This book has the freeing Christian Answers for Women.

The gender crisis is not static, but developed through centuries — as a result of history. Everyone needs to know the truth about what has formed the world’s attitudes about gender. Gender prejudice … the last stronghold. This purposeful and comprehensive analysis of gender issues has never before presented all in one place. Foreword by Kelley Varner.

“From Enmity to Equality” contains what you need to know to give you absolute confidence in the inherent right and privilege of all humanity to live in equality.


Answers every allegation professionally and theologically. Dispels Christian myths perpetuated for centuries. Gives a scholarly approach your faith intact and the revival fires burning. Gives factual reasons for how and why Scripture interpretation was randomly corrupted. Dr. Spake wrote “Enmity” as a woman who has successfully functioned from time to time in all five-fold ministry offices.

This comprehensive information provides a educated and accurate balance to the gender questions. Many churches now require this text as mandatory reading by their leadership staff.


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