Inspirational Mini-Courses

minic0ursebanner2Here are some wonderful Inspirational Mini-courses.

Every week day, you will receive a short inspirational email message as part of your inspirational mini-course. Each one is a concept to add to your life.

Making Room in Your Life for New Ideas, Peace, Order, Success, and Greater Revelation!  (CLICK for more information)

  • Most of us are not where we expected to be by now. This course will help you realize what is hindering your progress and holding you back! Life is too crowded and hectic. If you want to experience a deeper sense of revelation, peace, and new ideas — it won’t just happen.  You have to make ROOM for new Possibilities.

Creating Beauty in Your Life & Home (Click for more information)

This is a course mainly for women who want to beautify their life and home by using Biblical ideals. From the spiritual perspective, beauty is everywhere. And… beauty can expand and grow. It waits to awaken your awareness.

The Secrets to GIVING Unto Heaven and Beyond (CLICK for more information)

  • The Secrets of Giving Unto Heaven is an email Mini-course of 60 messages on the grace gift of giving. Quite often people focus on the benefits of giving, but they really miss out if that is their focus. True giving does not come from coercion, guilt, or manipulation. Giving must become a joy and be a lifestyle. This Mini-Course will help you allow the journey become more inward through your heart and soul. Correctly pursued, giving forces us to ask some hard questions in deep places about our most intimate motivations in life.