Must I Die to Myself — Again?

Dying to Self


Dr. Kluane Spake
A few years ago, I drove my son’s bright-red IROC sports car alone from California to Atlanta. One day, as I sped through a desert, I looked out at a rainbow that filled the sky and bright sun rays streaked across the windshield. Then, vom! A second rainbow appeared underneath. The colors were more vibrant than I had ever seen before…

Suddenly, the road turned right and a gigantic canyon appeared on my left – and the rainbows stretched down and down into the deepness of the cavern below. I was struck with the perfect picture of our lives – and how there is sooooo much more than we have dared to imagine.
I was ecstatic. Every event in our lives brings us progressively to that point – the bigger picture.

Roll the stonrain2e away! See. You can walk out of that tomb. There is in you a continually expanding light and aliveness!
Can you see the Likeness of God expanding in you? Greater love? What does that look like? Will you enlarge your ideas of what is possible for you?
DYING ALL THE TIME: Today’s church sings an endless mantra, “We must die to ourselves again today.” “You have to crucify the flesh” Again and again.

“Die to what you want.” “Die to that pain.”

Well… I’m here to tell you that REAL life is possible here and now.  I believe that one of the biggest errors in church doctrine is that we must continue to crucify ourselves to “die daily.”

What we cast away the limited mindsets that control us. We don’t have to die, because Jesus died for us. He gives us life.

Yes. You were ALREADY crucified with Christ (Gal. 2:20). It is appointed for a person to die ONCE – now it is time to step into a spiritual body on earth,– right inside your body of flesh.

Salvation means that we understand that Jesus died FOR US so that we can live!

That’s image and likeness! Jesus was Emanuel – God in man.

We live in the 3rd day — and that’s all about the resurrection from dead!

When Paul said this he was wrestling with the “Spirit of Death” he was talking about the guilt of not being able to keep the Law (Rom. 8:2). Read on a few chapters and you can see the development of his understanding – “But at last, I have found the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus – that sets me free from sin and death. “

Paul also says to “RECKON it done.” Reckon yourself dead to sin and alive to God. Calculate it as finished. Once and for all.

reckonBe resurrected! My friend, you can stop dying — and live in His sight.

Believers are called to live and not die! We are created to LIVE in His sight on this earth NOW.

“Now I am dead to the Law’s demands so that I may live for God… I died on the cross with Christ. And my present life is not that of the old “I”, but the living Christ within me. THE BODILY LIFE I NOW LIVE, I LIVE believing in the Son of God, who loved me and sacrificed himself for me… For if righteousness were possible under the Law then Christ died for nothing!’ (Gal. 2:20 Phillips).

“The terms, co-crucified and co-alive define me now… to live by the faith of the son of God means to live in the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE SAME SONSHIP that Jesus enjoys” (Gal. 2:20, MIRROR).


This article is part of my book, “Choose Life!”