Creating Beauty in Your Life & Home

Creating a Beautiful Home

Creating Beauty in Your Life & Home


This is a course mainly for women who want to beautify their life and home by using Biblical ideals.

Writing this course has been something I’ve wanted to do for many years. Over the years, I’ve searched for how to use design and color, art and expression.

From the spiritual perspective, beauty is everywhere. And… beauty can expand and grow. It waits to awaken your awareness.

Living with beauty can ignite an idea that moves you, or give you a whisper of new revelation. Beauty lifts you out of the mundane and into an inspirational mindset. It sets your creativeness alight.  The order of beauty can set an atmosphere that could be the spark to ignite the meeting of your heart with the Lord.

Even if you live in a one room shanty, it can be beautiful. Living in beauty releases grace in your spirit, soul, and body. Grace can fill your heart with peace.

You are provided with the option of choosing how much you want to pay for this course. No matter which payment you choose, each course is the same. We hope you will use this method to help support us.

Please choose how much you want to pay for this course!

Please choose how much you want to pay for this course!

   $10.00        $15.00            $20.00

We sincerely hope you are enjoying this course. Lots of my own photos!

WHAT is Beauty?

Where Is Beauty Found?

Determining What Is Beautiful to You.

How to Enrich Your Life and Establish Sacred Places in Your Home.

How to Live Beautifully.

Filling Your Home With Spiritual Breath.

Tabernacle ideas for Your Home.

What is the “Golden Rule” of Design.


You will receive a daily message. Each one is a concept to add to your life. Each message will enhance the rest – with ideas that will grow and help you see what has hindered you. These ideas will increasingly expand for the rest of your life.

You can look back at past emails and follow what you have experienced, but you will not be able to read ahead. The whole idea is that you learn precept by precept – line upon line, here a little — there a little. To change something, you have to learn it repeatedly. You learn incrementally. By doing something repeatedly and incrementally, you and I can methodically progress — and it will be faster and more thorough.

This idea of slowly learning life changing aspects is not new. It is based on a Japanese principle called Kaizen: the practice of continuous improvement.

Too much new information all at once can be an overload. You will learn to love how slowly the water drips to bring us nutrients and life.

By saving the emails, you will be able to go back and read these lessons over and over.

Please choose how much you want to pay for this course! 

  $10.00        $15.00            $20.00

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Creating a Beautiful Home