Biblical Gender Equality Course

"Created to Lead" Gender Equality Course

equality packageDr. Kluane Spake

Women are Created to Lead! The Lord’s creational intention was and is for women to lead. If you want to understand Biblical Gender Equality this is your very best AND MOST WELL RESEARCHED resource anywhere. $79.00

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ACCEPTABLE – How Women Can Walk as Equals  E-book                  $10.00  – How women can walk as equals (E-book)

What Holds Women Back?        (E-Book)                                                                   $12.00  – The problem and why

From Enmity to Equality  (paperback)                                                 $14.97 – The Text

          This book took me 13 years of study. I not only learned it, I DID it! –     

Enmity Workbook  (e-book)                                                                          $10.00 – For study

Angel’s Friends (full color) Hardbound                                                      $20.00 

Angel’s Friends Curriculum                                                                        $15.00 – For home conversation about equality. Sunday School  Paperback

Understanding Headship –  (e-book)                                                         $13.00  – The answer!

Travel Tips  (full color)                                                                                    $15.00 – The practical and beautiful part

Answers to their Accusations (e-book)                                                       $10.00 – The response


Total                                                                                                                                   $111.97

Yours for only                                                                                                                             $79.00

You save $32.97


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This course is PART ONE OF TWO





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