Why Christian Patriarchy Is Wrong!

What is wrong with Christian Patriarchy?

Why Christian Patriarchy Is Wrong!

Dr. Kluane Spake http://Kluane.com

Because of embedded prejudices, discussing patriarchy is often not a subject for honest and considerate dialogue.

FIRST, WE NEED TO STATE THE PROBLEM. The problem of gender and racial in-equality affects most of the Church, every day. (Maybe not in your place, but most places.)

Patriarch looms everywhere — it hides beneath the foundation of much of what is commonly accepted. We must study to discover God’s creational intention for all humanity — and stop repeating the confining rhetoric that pious men have said for Centuries.

A long time ago, when I first started pastoring a church, I asked the Lord, “Why? Why did you give me Gifts of the Spirit, and then these pastors say I am not supposed to use them?” “Why do You show up when I have a meeting?” “Why are people healed when I pray for them, if it isn’t okay with You?”

The further I went along in ministry, the worse the opposition became. Churches preached against me — often. Pastor’s wrote articles against me in the newspaper. The Pastor’s association wouldn’t let me join! All because I was a female. All because my husband was not in Church Leadership.

One time, the president of the Pastor’s association said, “Either she goes or I go!!” He didn’t believe in women at the pulpit. Well… let me tell you, I didn’t leave! So, guess what? He did! For years, I was regularly picketed by other churches and pastors!!

Of course, I was devastated. But… the opposition turned out to be great advertising – and people kept finding our church and loving it. Thankfully, God approves of women in governmental leadership.

They Are Really Nice Men

[Patriarchy] implies a social system of male power exercised not only through domination but also through benevolence and protection, even love.”

Many conservative Bible-believing Church leaders now honestly believe they are teaching Biblical truth when then teach about hierarchy, separatism, and patriarchy. Many of these guys are really nice people who aren’t trying to be “the big gun in charge” — the reality is, our society and our church automatically give leadership to men.


Most informed men are not purposefully trying to “dominate women” — it is just their long-standing mindset to assume certain behaviors — and it often happens unconsciously. Usually men don’t intentionally plot and plan to overstep and ignore women — it just happens — all the time!

From childhood, gender prejudice is deeply embedded into their daily interactions… and people hardly notice!

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Why Patriarchy Is Wrong!

For sure, today’s patriarchial church leaders are firmly closed minded about any possible future adjustment or change in their beliefs. They claim that the problem is that men need to position themselves more strongly as loving leaders.

They want to “KEEP” her safe.

Some even say they “LET” their wives do anything they want! Seriously? A grown woman needs permission?

Patriarchy is NOT SAFE! It is control and dominion over another person.

Patriarchy has serious negative effects on the Church community and women in general.

These “really nice” patriarchal men rationalize their actions to be an act of sacrifice and love. And, generally, they confirm that it is the woman’s rightful place in Christianity to be UNDER male leadership — so that women can partner together with them in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Christian patriarchy (sometimes called complementarianism) teaches the oddly contradictory idea that both men and women are created for the Glory of God, but when it comes to family life and government of the church, men hold unspoken authority.

It also often allows the subservience of other races and ethnicities.

Patriarchy is wrong because it takes the Lordship of Jesus Christ away from the woman.