IDENTITY Is Everything – My Preaching Notes! $12.55

Identity is Everything

Identity is Everything

IDENTITY Is Everything – My Preaching Notes!

This is a compilation of my powerful teaching notes on identity. I know this will be helpful to all of you who want to know more about who you already are in Christ!
Oftentimes, movies can speak to us of Spiritual Truths. “The Bourne Identity” is a spy fiction novel where Jason Bourne must discover who he is and why lots of groups (including assassins AND the CIA) all want to kill him. We first meet Jason floating in the Mediterranean with a head wound that results in amnesia. The doctor who treats him discovers a message that has been surgically embedded in his hip. We discover that this message is the mysterious number of a Swiss bank account. Jason had to re-learn his identity.

 Statistics say that 87% of the church is dysfunctional. Most men and women are neutralized and unproductive. Religion has caught us in a TIME WARP. We tend to live in our yesterdays – in regret – wishing we could live our life over again.  This book shows you that too many Christians live in their past identity and then spend the rest of their lives looking for sympathy for their past. The truth is, you may have messed up in the past. But… Now what?

Today is a new day! It’s the day to discover who you really are. Identity and self-worth is crucial in order for us to activate the Kingdom. It restores the inherited part of who we are meant to be. Who we are born again to be. We are spiritual beings meant to co-exist in the temporal and spiritual realms at the same time on earth.

The single most important factor in behavior change is the picture you carry around in your brain of who you believe yourself to be. Identity theft is the Major Consequence Of The Fall.

We live in a time where secular identification is vital. We need Social Security numbers, passports, and driver’s licenses. It all seems normal to prove who we are. This struggle to know who we are is as old as the Garden temptation – we remember that the serpent’s temptation was, “Eat of the tree and you will be LIKE GOD…” But they already were! That first couple did not understand that they were already created to LIVE in the image and likeness of God. The problem is that still today, most believers do not understand the intention of God in Creation.

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THE ONLY THING you CAN CHANGE about your PAST is your PERCEPTION OF PAST. The past is NOT WORTH LOSING YOUR PRESENT OVER. The NOW IS PRECIOUS. Today is the day to begin to find out who you really are. Identity is Everything!




IDENTITY IN CHRIST. It really is time for this paradigm shift to happen IN YOU. Learn HOW to cause that to happen!

Here we are – spiritual beings living on earth. Our heavenly identity often collides with our emotions and disappears depending on our circumstances. This book, “Identity Is Everything” will help you discover how to be supernaturally natural here on this earth and enjoy your life now. Actualizing your true IDENTITY releases the Power of God within and it will distinguish you from being an “average” person and change you into the overcoming achiever.

Jesus came out of obscurity and went directly to John the Baptist requesting to be Baptized (Matt 3:16-17). “A voice came from heaven, saying, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matt. 3:16-17). This voice was God’s affirmation of the IDENTITY of His Son. Soon after that great incident, the tempter came to Jesus and questioned His Identity by saying, “IF YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD, tell these stones to become bread.”(Matt 4:1-3). Isn’t that just like the serpent’s first question, “HATH GOD SAID?”

Did God Really Say Who YOU Are? YES!!! OVER and over… You will love this book because, Identity IS Everything!

Who Are You? Do You Know For Sure?  1 Jn 3:2-3 But we know that when he appears, we shall be LIKE HIM, FOR WE SHALL SEE HIM AS HE IS.

IDENTITY Is Everything – My Preaching Notes!

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