Angel’s Friends & Curriculum — Kid’s Gender and Racial Equality —


Angel’s Friends & Curriculum

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ANGEL’S FRIENDS & Curriculum with Activities  – Two Christian CHILDREN’S BOOKS ABOUT Gender and Racial EQUALITY


Angel’s Friends is wonderful book for ALL children about self worth. Includes activities, crafts, and games! Order one for a child you love.

This amazing book will impact your kids for their lifetime. It is an extremely colorful, fun-filled, book addressing the problems that kids face everyday.The Curriculum allows the kids to dialogue about the issues of their life.

  • The Issue — prejudice

Boys and girls need to feel confidence and self assurance, but unfortunately the believe about themselves what their peers, what their cultures, what their traditions have told them. Since 93% of all communication is given through “nuance,” we usually don’t even recognize why we feel unwanted. We just do.

Adults usually don’t know why they have prejudices. And, it’s really difficult to change a fixed mindset! Although many give “mental assent” against prejudice, usually there are unfortunate vestiges of built-in automatic responses. Only by positively influencing this upcoming generation’s way of thinking, can we effectively abolish prejudice. The hope of our future is in our children. They will change our nations.

  • The Solution  — awareness of how to handle prejudice.

Since earliest time, women of all races have persevered with strong character and fulfilled their destiny. Angel’s Friends tells about twelve of these Bible women who overcame all obstacles. These simple stories demonstrate the equality of all humanity  – regardless of class, race, gender, or disability.

  • This children’s book reveals unique and timely truths most do not expect.

Seven year old, Angel Spake was the perfect illustrator. She has overcome all obstacles, and her incredible love of life is translated through every drawing.

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Recommendations for Angel’s Friends:

The message of equality must be taught to children so that they can avoid much of the pain and limitation caused by society’s injustice. “Angel’s Friends” is a quality book that cuts to the heart of issues that can help shape the lives of our children for good.Bishop LaDonna Osborn

Dr. Kluane Spake’s book entitled Angel’s Friends is so remarkable! It appeals to young and old alike. When I first got the book, all of my four children crowded around to see it. Even my two older children were captivated by the exquisite illustrations done by such a young child. I believe that “Angel’s Friends” has a universal appeal, as the message of equality is for all ages. It’s refreshing to see a scholar like Dr. Spake write so powerfully, and yet so simply on such an important topic. This book will impact generations!Doug Fortune

“God’s purposes and His anointing have always been generational (Ex. 30:31). Anointed scribe Dr. Kluane Spake, along with her granddaughter Angel, have created a gift that will bless and inspire adults and children alike for many years to come. May “Angel’s Friends” become friends to the “little people” in your family?”Dr. Kelley Varner

“This book arouses the imagination of all who are young at heart, and of all who are willing to see with the eyes of faith. This is a wonderful book for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins to share with kids as they look for the role models in their own faith journey.”Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger (founder of CBE

“Angel’s Friends” is a powerful teaching tool for both parents and teachers. Its content provides the reader with profound scriptural truths about the value of women — which have been greatly overlooked. Rev. Sandra Clements

Wonderful book for children on self worth! includes activities, crafts, games! Order one for a child you love!! L. Lamore

ANGEL’S FRIENDS & Curriculum

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