Apostolic Sons

Apostolic Sons


Apostolic Sons

Dr. Kluane Spake

Jesus didn’t come to earth just to take us to heaven so that we could sit on a cloud playing a harp. He came to establish a NEW Kingdom ORDER. His perfect sacrifice on the cross was made and FINISHED in order to enable believers to bring heaven’s dominion, perceptions, and administration as a reality onto this earth.

This is the revelation of Apostolic SONSHIP:

The Divine PATTERN is not for us to remain as servants, but to become grown up SONS and joint heirs.

Our success does not come through the popularity of our name or ministry, but rather in building God’s purposes with impact and influence. We should influence with Kingdom perspective everywhere and in ever arena of life. However, individually, we can only reach a limited sphere.

To increase our reach (metron), we reproduce ourselves in SONS (not gender defined, meaning both men and women) who are able to carry the vision.

While we are spiritual earthly parents, God is their heavenly Father. Our spiritual children are corporately His SONS.

Having spiritual SONS is NOT about leaving our personal legacy (or our generational legacy). It’s also not so we can have a big apostolic network. Rather, it is all about building God’s generational intentions in this world.

Every believer is a son (teknon, child). But Romans tells us that “all creation is anxiously looking to see the Manifestation of the (grown up huious) SONS of God. ” The world wants to see the grown up SON eating strong meat – not believers (sons) still dribbling pabulum down their bib.

Jesus is NEVER called the ‘teknon’ of God (i.e. one whom God has given birth to or brought into existence) but is always referred to as the ‘huios’ SON of God. Jesus is the SON as a manifestation of His relationship with the Father or the expression of His character.

We mentor our sons until they become SONS — so that they can expand and multiply the Kingdom, and in turn, to mentor others.

Our “Metron” (effective scope or reach) of authority is enlarged and increased by the effective growth of our SONS. Together, with them, we accomplish the will of God without hierarchy.

The SONS minister out of sonship (being a SON).

Wherever they go, true SONS establish the order and culture of the Kingdom of heaven upon this earth (Mat. 6:10). (Please see my book “Connecting” for more about the Co-existing on earth as it is in heaven.)

SONS are graced with the gifts of their parents. That DNA propels them to expand this dream while also fulfill their own calling.

SONS are given Kingdom authority on this world, in order to fulfill Kingdom purposes.

SONS advance from being Disciples to being Apostles.

SONS have the authority to release Heaven onto this Earth (Matt. 16:19).

SONS move from faith to FAITH and from glory to GLORY.

SONS proceed from being Disciples to being Apostolic.

SONS move past being Observers to becoming Benefactors.

SONS progress from being Onlookers to Pioneers.

SONS shift from being just Followers to Advancers.

SONS advance from the Resurrection to being the Resurrected.

SONS develop from being team members to being Team Leaders.

SONS progress from being Servants to being Soldiers.

SONS advance from being Believers to Kingdom Strategists.

SONS grow from being Heirs to Triumphant Rulers of their inheritance.

SONS move from being ordinary Christians to becoming those chosen as Christ focused Truth Bearers for Kingdom Impartation, Influence, and Release.