Right Behind? (or… I’ll Be “Left Behind!”

 Right Behind? (or… I’ll Be “Left Behind!”)


BEWARE! The old preacher shuddered as he spoke — his hands gripped frozen to the pulpit. “The end times are at the door. The Anti-Christ and Armageddon are at hand!”

His congregation continued to believe his stories of terror, wrath, and punishment. The end of the world was predicted many times. They stored enough food to last for 2 years. To ready themselves, they had weekly jumping practice just in case their Rapture actually happened that night.

Then… the “Left Behind” movie came to town to prove his point!

Finally, after so many horrific warnings, the people lost hope and ultimately resigned to inactivity.

A little eight year old girl looked at me apologetically and said, “I  really want to be with Jesus… but I really want to see the next Frozen movie first!”

Others ask, “Why should I get married and have a family, if the kids won’t grow up?”

“Why try to be successful if the end is coming any minute?” They asked each other. “Let’s just go maximize our credit cards and buy everything we want! Why not! Anyway, we won’t have to pay them off!”

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-end-world-image27673698Every time there was another false alarm, they just sighed. The end didn’t come after all. It is difficult to keep hearing “wolf.”

Who can explain the distorted perspectives of their understandings. Superstitious and religious error had been perpetrated for several hundred years and escalated when a fifteen year old Scottish-Irish girl named Margaret McDonald (a follower of Edward Irving) who in 1830 had a vision of the cataleptic end times.

Old deceptions infiltrated the activities of those who expected an easy life and an easy escape. Until now, they thought their world was ending without tribulation. Their fear turned to apathy.

 They looked at their favorite Book as being only futuristic rather than historical. They didn’t study to know the context of their sacred Scriptures – or to really understand what it was all about. Their movies and news were continuous alarming threats of worldwide destruction.

They were unprepared to overcome. Evil emerged with dark speeches and wickedness grew because believers just wanted to “jump out.” Why didn’t they know that earthquakes and wars have continued from the beginning of time? They disengaged in plans and strategic living. They didn’t want to be “LEFT BEHIND,” but in the end they were the ones left behind.

 At the same time, there were others who SAW the LIGHT and embraced it within themselves. Suddenly, lights began to shine upon the hillsides – one here and one there — until new cities of light set on a hill suddenly emerged.

This is the new breed.

An external revelation internalized…

Forerunners are already emerging!

They embraced and manifested the light of Jesus who was the Light.

They didn’t want to escape the Lord’s return… they wanted to become an integral part of it!

 They made themselves ready. It no longer was about a date on a calendar anymore, or church eschatology. It was about becoming the image and likeness of God. Taking dominion.

 The return of Christ infuses with-IN us. We determine to not be left behind but to be “RIGHT BEHIND” — in and with the Lord as He returns.

(Excerpt from, “Right Behind” – a new book by Dr. Kluane)

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