Endorsements for Dr. Kluane Spake

“Dr. Kluane, you are an incredible teacher,prophet,apostle,author and an inspiration !!!” Bishop Clarice Fluitt

“Dr. Kluane, . –Thank you so much for your ministry in our Intensive Leadership Training School and our Kingdom Advance Conference. Your talks were insightful, refreshing, and powerful — and shifted the mindsets of those who attended. Thank you for honoring me, and for ministering into the lives of leaders and five-fold people in our church and network. Thank you for demonstrating integrity and transparency in how you related amongst us. I believe the fruit of your ministry will be lasting and will become very evident in the weeks and months to come.

The people quickly grew to respect you as you gave yourself. They saw that you built from start to finish over the weekend and are still amazed at the revelation you imparted. I’m grateful for how you come alongside and build together with us.”Ap. P. Spence, Brisbane

You are awesome…. Thanks for your genius mind! You are my inspiration….THANK YOU Dr. Cathy Emeruwa

Hi Dr Kluane, I have implemented many of the suggestions your gave us and restructured the ministry — everybody is excited. You just so remind me of a modern Apostle Paul…..God bless you and love you heaps in the Lord….” Apostle. R. Thomas, Gladstone, AU

“Dr. Spake, We @ RIM Ministries are forever grateful for time of MINISTRY & SERVICE you released to US! The Word shared was rich but practical, challenging and yet life-changing. Only time itself can testify of the work that was imparted into our house and this REGION! Your compassion towards us was unmatched! I could sense how meticulous you were in receiving a WORD from the LORD designed for RIM MINISTRIES in THIS season…..Once again we are ETERNALLY grateful! I KNOW THIS to be TRUE! You do share your life with others. There isn’t a ministry LIKE YOU!” Ap. Steven Moffett

It is a great honor for me to have a friend like you are an extraordinary woman of God in Christ Jesus I Love You Prophet Carlos Mayorga

“Dr. Kluane Spake is a prophetess, an anointed scribe, and my friend. She has spent a lifetime of prayer and study in preparation…uncovering an extensive wealth of unprecedented information that must be made known to all seekers of truth.”Dr. Kelley Varner
“WOW what a presence of the Lord Jesus in Buford, GA this morning with Dr. Kluane Spake. Watch this ministry because the hand of God is heave on them to lead the Body of Christ into a new era in God’s plan. Thanks for the connection into  the powerful atmosphere this morning.” Prophet Roger Hutchins

I was very pleased …even today people are talking about (your ministry) last nite. You brought a fresh wind into Htam!! Kairos! Bishop Joel Trout

Oooohhhh yes Dr. Spake, your life is a great blessing to many & me especially! . You’ve left an impression on the vinyls of my heart forever! You’re beautiful, brilliant, smart, witty, intelligent, anointed & oooooh a powerful teacher of the Word of God. I can go on — you’re a fine prolific writer. Wow! You are awesome! It’s best we praise our heroes & heroines when they’re still alive & well & not thereafter! God bless you much! I am a fan! Bishop Anthony Osuobeni

Thank you too for ordaining me and being my Apostolic source. I have the rock you gave me during my ordination, I take it with me everywhere I go, not to worship it, but, to remember the word you spoke over me.Reuben Duncan

Thanking the Lord for you today! The Kingdom is in desperate need of more apostolic bridge builders like yourself who can skillfully meet people right where they are and draw them experientially deeper into Him through word, demonstration, & lifestyle. As always….it was GREAT to hear your voice today! Pastor Joe Chadburn

Thank God for mighty prophetic revivalists like you, Dr Kluane, who operate in a forerunner unction to manifest all of the fullness of God’s kingdom reality to His people. The anointing on your life is making the crooked paths straight, so that His river & His streams flow through us, releasing a hydrating anointing of His kingdom love & revelation to the church. Thank YaH for transfiguring, destiny-instilling anointings like the ones on your life, Dr Spake J. Novellei

I probably would not be here if it had not been for you. You’re ministry gave me the resources I needed to find direction, gain understanding, and hear the Rhema Word from the Lord just at the moments I needed it. Also, as I have watched you over the last couple of years on fb, I have learned how I have mis-handled situations and how to handle them correctly. There have been times I have literally felt my knees shake because I didn’t know if I could go on. By watching and listening to you I learned… Saying “Thank You” doesn’t really do it justice. You have given way more to me than I could probably ever tell you or even begin to repay. Stephanie LB

 Dr Kluane Spake is the real deal! She is revelatory, anointed and yet the most loving person I have ever met! A true Apostle who builds and reconstructs the body of Christ on the foundation of true agape. I love her and highly recommend her for those who want to truly have a third day encounter.

There are many people that come into your life while you travel this long road called your journey. Many of them pass through and bless you, while others stay for a while to add to your journey and make a ‘dent’ along the way. Then their are those who really change your life forever and you finally know what true Agape love is really all about. And for the first time in your life, you feel as if you have taken your first breath to truly live. Thanks … DrKluane Spake … for showing me what God looks like in bodily form… and for being in covenant with me and loving me unlimited.- Dr. Jeremy Lopez

“Doctor Kluane Spake is held in high esteem by the pastors and leadership of our fellowship …worldwide. I highly recommend her to you for ministry. She is accomplished and has a depth of revelation of scripture that will bless… She is of the highest moral and ethical character.”Dr. Carl Conley Past International President of FCF.

Dr Kluane Spake came to New Life Church recently and headed up our Conference as one of two guest speakers. From the moment Dr. Kluane began to speak you could literally feel the presence of God. It was as if her voice was operating on the inside of your being. I have no doubt that she carries a mantel of authority and moves effectively in the gifts. The thing that impressed far above anything else was her ability to connect with people and just love on them or bring a directive correction where needed. I am keenly awaiting her next visit.”Pastor Rob Cunningham
Apostle Kluane Spake came to us in the perfect timing of the Lord. She carries and imparts the love of God in AUTHORITY and ANOINTING. Her Apostolic grace empowered us to continue to pursue… the resurrection of an Apostolic people. Pastor Kay and I and this region will never be the same because of this visit. We are forever grateful and most excited about being a part of Jubilee Alliance.Pastors Gail and Kay Maiden

“We experienced an awesome time in God this weekend as god’s servant Dr . Kluane Spake came and ministered an awesome word. There was such a atmosphere created … and the angelic visitors were very evident. I believe that many who came forward had a soul transformation. The messages included the whole man and the thinking of old was challenged by all. She encouraged the house with right on prophecy personal and corporately. The vision of the house was redefined and the commitment of many was challenged. We all were truly blessed and everybody just loved her and the relationship she expressed to all truly a humble servant who was able to bring a peace and a safe atmosphere so people just disarmed themselves and received there blessing so long in the waiting. Truly we received an awesome impartation we celebrate the Christ in Dr. K. Pastor Joel Barquet

Congregational Remarks

Dr. Spake always brings fresh revelation of the Word of God, and new perspectives that challenge old concepts, so that we can “move with the cloud” and not be left behind in this hour. She imparts to others – clea prophetic words, callings and directives – with love, humility and patience. (She spent a lot of time with my spouse, even though it was late. She gave me an encouraging word that I needed.) She brings a release in the people when she comes, which lasts long after she goes (there was a release musically in me, the last time she came, which brought forth new songs. We can’t wait until she comes again. Debbie Duffey

“Thank you so much Dr Kluane.  Words cannot express how thankful I am for your article “Demise of the Devil”.  You have provided the last piece in a jigsaw of incredible changes I have been going through. God has been shaking my belief systems to the core over the past 18 months, uprooted me from the church I was in, revealed to me the errors of teachings I had been living by, a time of great turmoil but when the dust settled I could see more clearly.  I now have a deep abiding relationship with God.

As I read your article I knew it was sent by God and it put a cap on everything God had been showing me.  God’s richest blessings be upon you Dr Kluane and may your life be filled with His great Love.  S Edwards  New Zealand

Your Prophetic Miinstry is always right on target. P Clark

I looooove this awesome lady! She is a pistol! I just love how feisty she is. Sabrina Caraway

You are a trailblazer make a difference in this generation and generations to come. And you are MY pastor!C. Cox

“In case anyone I know is reading this and wondering if Dr. Kluane would have answers for you – I assure you – she’s not only legit – she’s savvy, loving and a spiritual giant in my books.” Julie Binney Baxter

“When I lived in Guam, your were my Pastor, I used tell you all I do is fail at everything so why bother.  Thanks for never giving up on me. You saved my life in Guam, more times then i can count……… thank You for Always Being There, regraudless of the day or hour it may have been, Your A Treasure From God in My Life. Now your advise is apart of my Spirit Man I will no longer give up, but keep trying and press in to all that the Lord has purposed for my Life. Love and appreciate so very much,” Pammy.

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