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Hi there! So glad that you would check out this page! me with collumnsI am a commissioned International apostle and prophetic speaker, author, Ministry Success Coach and Mentor whose mission is to help you experience significant success, happiness and love in your life — and in your ministry! I speak and write about lots of important and exciting reformational topics — like what the Church needs to do in this hour.

My goal is to help equip Refomers — who are forward-thinking Christian Leaders and entrepreneurs — to understand the original INTENTION of Scripture and to know how to use these imperative Biblical Truths in actionable and applicable strategies– right now!

I was raised in Anchorage and raised my kids in Fairbanks, Alaska. Then, a big change happened and for 14 ½ years, I founded and pastored a successful church in the tropical island of Guam. This experience made a profound influence on my life and it is why I understand the needs of the LOCAL PASTOR.

After that we moved to the states — and my husband Rodell and I live just north of Atlanta. We have four grown kids and six grandkids See Older Family videos here. Since moving to Atlanta, Georgia, I now travel in ministry world-wide preaching/teaching at local church services, conferences, crusades, and pastor’s meetings.

My hobbies are diverse — particularly traveling, and aCapella singing.

Dr. Kluane

I have two earned doctoral degrees – one in Theology and one in Naturopathy. Needless to say, I enjoy SEO and graphic design. Obviously, I was (and am) hooked on learning!

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If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, you can find out more about me by visiting My Speaking page.

The easiest way to contact me is by email… drkluane@kluane.com   (Because I travel full time, best to email first and let me call you back!)

Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/WomenInChristainMinistry

Kluane Spake

About The Blog: I’m a little geeky when it comes to internet stuff and designed this website myself. I am not a website developer, and don’t know any fancy HTML or CSS. I built this site using built-in theme features and a few easy-to-use plugins and I made most all of the graphics.  I get a lot of questions about the products and services I use, so some of these are added on the  My Tools page. I hope you find them helpful!

Church and Conference Speaker: I am a Commissioned Ambassadorial Apostle and Theologian. My passion is to study and research to discover and then help establish correct Biblical Truth and explain those eternal Principles into Spirit-Led practical application that impacts Leaders of the Church, Society, Governments, and Nations to change the world.

One of my joys in life is to have written the Online Bible Course  “The School of the Apostles.”  Plus, I have written over 25 Books and countless E-books and articles. And lots more courses are coming soon!

We help passionate Christian Leaders and Ministers succeed!

My mandate is to release: The “Revealing of Christ in a People” and that includes teaching Present Truth, Life-changing Third Day Reformational concepts, The Direction of the Future Church, Apostolic Government, and the fullness of the Finished Work of Redemption to the nations. Also function with prophetic and seer ministry.

This ministry purposes to present a Spirit revealed, prophetic, relevant gospel message that boldly confronts the issues and dilemmas of today’s church by providing scholarly insight and solutions.

“Dr. Kluane is a pioneering voice that activates the truth and manifests the miraculous presence of the Lord. She is highly anointed with the true Gift of healing!”Don Jordan

Some of my favorite topics are Melchizedek, Unity, Koinonea, the direction of the church, Church Government, The Presence of God, The Third Day Church, Present Truth, and other revelatory topics.

I deeply love to serve as a consultant and mentor to leaders, pastors, and ministers in the body of Christ. To learn more about my Ministry Coaching and Ministry Mentoring services visit on my Resource page.

I am also the the founder and director of Jubilee Alliance, an apostolic network of 5-fold ministers which is based on relational peer-level association that provides apostolic mentoring and accountability to churches, leaders and ministries. The purpose of this network is to develop and equip 5-fold ministry leaders around the world with the strategy needed to enable them to give birth to their vision and bring forth the purposes of God. See “Education” on this menu bar for more information about Jubilee Alliance.

If you have thoughts on a specific article blog post, please leave a comment below. I appreciate each response, and my readers do as well!





Kluane (Kloo-ah’nee) is the name of the largest lake in the Yukon. Kluane Lake is surrounded by the Kluane mountains. There is also Kluane National park in the Yukon, Canada (Burwash Landing) not too far from Haines Junction. Her dad visited Kluane lake while delivering mail by dog team in the arctic in the early days before roads went there in the winter. See the Gold Fever! book on this site. She now lives in Atlanta, GA.








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