STOP Doing Almost Everything! Your Last Resolution


(Your Last New Year’s Resolution)

Dr. Kluane Spake 

I want to talk to you today about why some don’t break through.
I believe that by going into the New Year with the same old “To do list as you had last year, you are settling for mediocrity. (I know, ouch.)

If there were but one truth for success that I could share you with, it would be this message. Many people are overwhelmed and stretched too thin. We live absurd lives trying and trying – but are stress out. Stress.

This once — I don’t want to make a New Year’s list of MORE to do.

I am on a personal and selective search for less and better.

What matters most? Ask, “How can I Get My Life Back?”

Most of us are trying to do tooooo many things and it is causing a catastrophe of our heart.

One more opportunity can become overwhelming with no space for anything. Maybe you feel numb?

In our undisciplined search for MORE, we find a great catalyst for failure. We have been sabotaging our future and missing out on today.

Right now, hear your intuition and dreams. You were brought here to be an inspiration in peoples’ lives. You are created to accomplish specific purposes. You have significance in you, more than you can imagine. You can help many, many people.

Each one of us is a messenger –Ask, “What is my one message?” What do I steward? What am I born to do? What is mine to release?

Should I do many things average – or one superbly well?

Can I live one essential mission in life?

Author Greg McKeown asks, “If you were brave, what would you eliminate from your life so you can focus on what matters most?”

Trying to do too many things causes you to not do anything well.

Here’s a BIG question to really think about — Is being busy some kind of badge of honor? Does being busy make you feel important and needed?

Does that make it okay to be stressed, antagonistic, pre-occupied?

Is winning more important than being? What if you focused on one thing?

Many believers have become afraid and bored with silence and reflection….  They just don’t want to be still. Gotta’ do this one more thing.

Okay, I’ll admit it; I’m on a deliberate pursuit of less. How can I simplify my life? How can I maximize my life and this ministry?

Each of us have to figure out what life is about.  Left alone, life moves toward complexity.

How can I gain space for new ideas?

What have I stuffed into my life that I need to get rid of? What has value because I own it, but no other value?

Someone once told me, half of everything should be eliminated!  Good grief… That is stunning. But hey, if it hasn’t worked yet… why not leave it in 2014 and find that ONE plan?

How can I stop being over committed and pursue essentials.

When will I turn off my email and social media – build a working schedule, and have time to enjoy life?

Can we find value in not doing MORE things?

Less but better –

The great task of innovation – is elimination. Kill your darlings” – Steven King

Say yes to the one great thing.

And moments of greatness happen in the little decisions we make. Such as this one… simplify.

So here’s a defining question for you as you close off this year today, “Would I feel happy with my progress if one year from today I am in the exact same place?” 

“He makes all things New!” 2 Cor. 5:17

Dr. Kluane Spake —  Leading REFORM, Equipping Reformers

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