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I want YOU to become outrageously successful in life and ministry – both personally and professionally!

My friend, , Right now everything is changing – science is changing, technology is changing. And Change is coming especially in the Church!

And, during this hour that we live, we need to understand how to activate the fullness of all that has already been given to us.

That will bring greater success in life and ministry – both personally and professionally!

As you have probably already noticed, aimless ritual and religious rhetoric is no longer effective!

But… isn’t it awesome…. You and I were picked from before the foundation of the world to be living now and to be those forerunners of this message that the Bible calls, “The New Day.”

It is The Day of the Revealing of Christ in a People! It is the Finished Work of the Cross. The Third Day. The Proceeding Word. 

What a moment in time!

Get ready! Be open to CHANGE — and that means changing everything you think you know!

Everything is new! It’s all about the NOW and the NOWNESS of the reality of the revelation of Christ being manifested in US. In this lifetime.

In order to fully come into this New Day, we need to fervently love God and others and become OPEN to learn and understand the unveiling Biblical truths about where we are going together as ONE unified and empowered Body.

What is sooooo great is that all of our Rightly-Dividing training, books, and coaching products are immediately applicable so that you can impact your church and contribute to expanding the Kingdom of God in your own unique and individual way. Please check out our books, courses, and products.

It is a great honor to serve you!

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