Opposition to Women in Ministry

Opposition to Women in Ministry

Kluane SpakeOpposition to Women in Ministry

Dr. Kluane Spake

Recently I was thinking about the church’s preoccupation with rigid doctrine and how it is often misused to suppress others. The very precious Word of God that should set us free is used to entangle us in bondage and laws.

When I pastored a church in the 80’s-90’s, there was a blatant opposition me being a woman in leadership. Women in Ministry still have an uphill climb.

One prominent local pastor piously told me that I didn’t have his “permission” to start a church there in Guam.

Often the local pastors gathered together outside our Friday night services and picketed our building. While waving their dreadful signs about me being “Babylon the Great Harlot,” they cried out to those passing by, “You’re going to hell, hallelujah!”

Yes… it was other Christians who opposed me – not the devil! Not wickedness from the pit of Hell. Those were the pastors who waged war on me. They used those few texts of Paul to try and keep me stopped. These men felt justified by Scripture to try and diminish, dominate and control not just me but all the women in their churches as well.

There were endless times of trial – of being preached against from nearly every pulpit – of being lambasted on the radio and newspaper… What was going on? We were locked and chained from our building… the city would not allow me to have communion or any sacrament in our church! We were often on the front page of the newspaper as we tried to apply to the legislature for new zoning and being radically opposed (we did win).

The more I studied, the more I understood that Paul really was trying to set women free. During that time, I traveled to Turkey and Asia Minor to learn about how our interpretations of these Scriptures have become misunderstood.

I finally realized that all this opposition was great publicity! People flocked all the more to our church and the miracles soared. I had to get above the noise and accusation and realize that God was for us!

Beloved… you are fully acceptable to the Lord. He has called each one of us to be his emissary.

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