Singing Gives You Memory

Sing to the Lord

Resolution: SING!

Dr. Kluane Spake

Music, at its essence, is what gives us memory. Stevie Wonder

In the past, I sang every single day. Now, like many others, it seems that my harp has been hung on the willow tree (Ps. 137:2) … only singing at a worship services, but not alone.

For this new year, I hear the Lord say, “SING!”

You are created as an instrument that can sing. Music holds the power of creation. The stars sang at creation and the angels sang at the birth of Christ.

Think about how when you breathe to sing, it moves breath circularly inside your body. Your breath fills your lungs and presses against your heart. “Sing and make music FROM YOUR HEART to the Lord” (Ephesians 5:19).

Imagine how singing touches your mind and your heart at the same time. It also expands your lungs and causes inspiration to increase.

As you sing, visualize how sound resonates in your sinus cavities and fills your head with energetic reverberations. Feel how your mind ignites with new passion and zeal. REALIZE THAT EVERY NOTE MOVES THROUGH YOU FROM THE KINDOM WITHIN — and then, OUT OF YOU TO THE KINGDOM WITHOUT.

Sing when you are barren – when things don’t go your way, when people disappoint you. Sing when you are in trouble (Acts 16:25). Sing as you rejoice (Ps. 132:9). You can sing a new song never heard before (Is. 42:10). Fresh original singing comes from inspiration and moves into your conscious thoughts — and then out from you.

There is a song of freedom (Ps. 68:6). A song about God’s love (Ps. 89:1).

Perhaps every leader should learn to harmonize in tune with others. We can learn how to illustrate the meaning of “how to fit in” and not be out of sync or out of tune with what others sins. Singing harmony is a demonstrate unity – which is defined as “a symphony” — where believers resonate together with the Lord — and come into alignment with one another. (Also see: Ex. 15:1, 2 Chron. 5:13, Ps. 40:3, 57:7, 71:23, 95:1, 98:1-7, 110:1, 105:2, 135:3, 150:1-5, Col. 3:16, Heb. 2:12, Rev. 14:3-4,

Singing anchors us to memories like nothing else. We can remember more and learn better when we sing. Each of us has our own song… out of our soul. We don’t have to sing well to be filled with thanksgiving.

I will sing (my choice) to the Lord ALL MY LIFE; I will sing praise to my God as LONG AS I LIVE” Ps. 104;33).

Lord we lift up our eyes to you and give you thanks.”

My friend, let us rejoice together.
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Dr. Kluane Spake

Lately, I haven’t wanted to be around a lot of my “old” friends anymore. I confess that I’ve avoided several conferences just because hearing their narrow-minded opinions (not mine of course) one more time is tooooo much! My friends are divided. We don’t have the closeness we once had. Differing opinions escalate our discomfort with one another.

WAIT! This disconnection is an ILLUSION.

JESUS SAID WE ARE ALREADY ONE… In His high priestly prayer, He prayed that we might be ONE as He and the Father are ONE, that the world might know that He was sent to the world (Jn. 17). Inside this prayer are Divine words with the power to come true within themselves. This prayer is finished — it is not ongoing. We are ONE because Jesus decreed it, right before He was crucified. It was his last will and testament to give us unity.

Within our individual humanity, it is difficult to see eternal Truth. Let us inquire of the Lord… one more time.

We don’t have to agree on worldly subjects. The imperative reality is ONENESS that already exists. We must apprehend and become aware of this Biblical Truth. Undifferentiated awareness shows us that love conquers all.

The only thing that can stop us is to remain divided – Let us lay down our narrow opinions and move together once again. Let us stop labeling others or assuming that we know their heart. The only way to have impact and to show Christ to the world is for us to STOP being divided by secular problems.


No matter what others may say or do, awaken to the Truth that they are (already) one with you.  Allow them to be whoever they are – let the Holy Spirit speak to them about change. Ask the Lord to show you the Love that He has for them.

The “Lego – Batman” movie tells us that Lego pieces are built to CONNECT! So are we! We can’t build alone.

You can have opinions – but opinions should not own you.

Opinions should not dictate who you love or who you minister to with kindness. “Beloved, let us run together.”


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Storm of Holiness


Dr. Kluane Spake

REVIEW The Storm of Holiness: Numerous times, we stood on the shore and commanded the fierce storms to turn away. But, one day, the Lord clearly said to us that this next storm would not turn away. And a super-storm came into our midst. We named it, “Typhoon Holiness.”

So convincing was the Word, that many of our congregation bought generators, expecting a super-typhoon in the natural and as it came we began to understand what this spiritual typhoon would mean. This was a wind of personal purification.

There would be no way to escape, because it blew into every hidden place — even into our attics fixed with dust and into our hidden boxes of rummage and clandestine secrets. Many died in the merciless gale — never to be seen again. Only the survivors knew how to brace themselves — standing with outstretched arms and facing straight into the blasting winds.

We remember the story about the apostles being in a boat with Jesus when the tempestuous storm came. Jesus slept.

Along our journey, there’s always another storm to cross over with unchanging purpose. But, we ride in His boat — the vehicle of form provided for our safety.

Remember too, that all the disciples climbed into that one boat together. Peter didn’t have his little boat, and John another. We must cross over to the other side in a corporate boat, and in the process, our individual agendas meld into one.

He leads us from where we are to where He wants us to go; from the known to the wonderfully unfamiliar places of the unknown. Like the exhausted followers upon that stormy lake, we wearied of contending with the dark waves of adversity.

The One Who calms every storm teaches us to persevere. The waves may be over our head, but as with the ebb and flow of good times and bad, storms eventually end. Wind and waves can’t move us from our course. Through it all, His authority perfects itself as we yield to His dealings.

Keep in mind, there is always something bigger waiting on the other side. Even the disciples were ill prepared for what they found in the morning light. The exhausted travelers were finally able to SEE — and it was a steep cliff… You can almost hear their complaints, “Well, it’s too high, too cold, too far!” Oh it sounds so familiar.

What’s that? You’re getting the picture? It’s not tranquil over here either. Yes, AT THE OTHER END OF THE STORM, the GADERENE WAITS — the worst growler-packing, demonically depressed person that had ever been described. The whole city feared this lunatic with a legion of demons.

Suddenly, that violent storm brought Jesus to intersect and heal that hopelessly insane man. And more difficult still, the once terrified townspeople furiously demanded that Jesus leave town.

It didn’t make any sense, but they didn’t like the results. Why? This region raised pigs (even though Jews didn’t eat pig). Their livelihood just ran over the cliff! The destruction of their whole economic base caused them to forget the miracle — this was serious.

The result of that great miracle was that once again, the apostles were hated — and we should expect the same dislike. God’s game plan often opposes what others want.

Are you ready to withstand storms of ostracism and rejection, especially from other Christians? Are you willing to be of no reputation?

But the final realization is the real shocker. I’m the disciple in the boat AND I’m the Gadarene. The hopeless Gadarene, the chained person living in the tomb is me!

Somehow, I thought I was okay, but the habits of the spirit of death lingered, causing me to want to keep on dying. Inside that mausoleum, long held and mistaken philosophies silently breathe as nearby worms and spiders creep around my face. Within my un-dealt with carnal soul clings the spirit of death, crawling with legions of fear that entrap me in webs.

The ghosts of religious ideas and long held superstitions hauntingly hold me transfixed. But suddenly, He journeys with me through the storm and out from that isolated cemetery to a place of greater self-discovery.

How did He know how much I needed that Him to bring me though that storm? He brought me here to set me free from old mentalities. I’m not dead anymore. He rolled away my tomb stone of ineffectiveness! I knew about the resurrection but was not fully living IN IT. The storm brings me to the Third day — a place of LIFE. The typhoon called “Holiness” completes its work.

And I, stepping into the brightest daylight, watch as the veils of blindness drop from my eyelids, like the weighty cob-webs once strewn in the musty corners of my shrine, they detach and fall forever. Understanding of the finished work pulses a new strong cadence, and I can hear the bride now sing, “Winter is past and gone.”

Extending His hand, the Lord says, “Come away with me into the dawn of the NEW DAY.” The reasons are clear now; I went through the storms in order to fully be delivered from the narrow minded crypt of my own making. I walk out to find that the road winds up from here among the hills to that great city. Without regret, I leave the known script of yesterday and advance into the vibrant yellow-green day. Life explodes with fulfillment, moving full-tilt into divine destiny.

Storms bring me to an encounter with dying things that need to change in me.




Resting in the EYE of the STORMS Part # 2

Dr. Kluane Spake

You can rest in the eye of the storm.

The Bible tells about a lot of different storms: The Lord has His way in the whirlwind (Nah. 1:3), Elijah went into heaven in a whirlwind (2 Kings 2:11), God spoke to Job in a whirlwind (Job 38:1).

Are you listening?

Peace centers within the storm where God dwells. God lives in storms.

If/when the cyclone of life intensifies, we must go deeper into the tranquil center of Him. Ezekiel describes the appearance and the likeness of the Glory of the Lord (1:28). He speaks of wind, clouds, and fire. Prophets compared the day of the Lord to a storm.

Meteorologists refer to the center of the storm as the “eye.” Jesus told us to be single-eyed, “If the eye is clear, the whole body will be full of light” (Matt. 6:22-23).

No matter what turbulence surrounds them, vanguard believers race to the center, where all roads converge and focus. Without focus everything blurs and we lose direction. When we become single-eyed, we move into clarity. Get into the center of the storm, to the place of calm. Find that REST.



Ezekiel depicts a whirlwind ( Ruwach the Spirit) where the wheel within the wheel enfolds inwardly into itself, while moving forward. This represents the cooperative church moving together as one (Ezekiel 1:12). This living creature (the church), “Went straight forward; they went wherever the spirit wanted to go, and they did not turn when they went.” Each part joined as one and moved straight forward.

  • The word Straight (#2266 Strongs) comes from the root word “to cross over” which can also be rendered “crossing with straight and unchanging purpose.”

Reading further, the indescribable storm-like creature wondrously shimmers as amber electrons flash-forth in greatest splendor.

Psalms 29:3 says that in stormy conditions, God’s voice thunders over turbulent water, shaking the wilderness, and causing the deer to give birth (vs.6-9). His voice commissions you to give birth to the Word, and in response your heart leaps in expectation.

Along the way, there’s always another storm to cross over with unchanging purpose. He leads us upon His holy waters — from where we are to where He wants us to go; from the known to the unfamiliar places of the unknown. Like the exhausted followers upon that stormy lake, we wearied of contending with the dark waves of adversity.

The One Who calms every storm teaches us to persevere. The waves may be over our head, but as with the ebb and flow of good times and bad, storms eventually end. Wind and waves can’t move us from our finishing our course.

Through it all, His authority perfects itself as we yield to His dealings. Keep in mind, the worst storms always come just before the biggest opposition. There’s always something bigger waiting on the other side. Even the disciples were ill prepared for what they found in the morning light.

What’s that? You’re getting the picture? It’s not tranquil over here either.

Wrong Decisions

What to do next?

Wrong Decisions

Dr. Kluane Spake

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go .” Dr. Seuss

Decisions are the revolving door that creates everything that follows. The route you choose will determines everything that follows.

Think about it… Decisions could take you down an incredible pathway to success, or determine even who your grand-children will marry, or decide the health of your body and mind. Everything in your life is dependent upon the choices you make – that’s the way God made it. Yes… choose life and not death! (Deut. 30:19).

Probably nobody taught you how to make decisions while growing up. Me either!

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Making Right Decisions

Making Right Decisions


Making Right Decisions

Dr. Kluane

When Lee Iacocca was asked what single “quality” he looked for in the people he chose as his top, key associates, he instantly said: the ability to make a decision.

Decisions are what change your life! Many of us have bought piles of self-help books, DVDs, and CDs – hoping to “Get that breakthrough” on how to be happy or find fulfillment. But, God has already given you EVERYTHING that pertains to what you need right now.

At this moment, it is up to you to create your path and activate that internal power.

You may already have the very best hopes and dreams in the world… but YOU still have to decide to walk them out. What you believe determines what you can receive. It still is… according to the power that works IN YOU (Eph. 3:20).

Do you remember how great wisdom came through the character Yoda in the Star Wars movie?image

Luke asks Yoda, “How do I know the right decision to make? Among all the many decisions, how do I know the one that will be with the Force?”

Yoda looked at him and replies, ” You will know you’re on the right track when you’re not feeling frantic, when you’re not feeling anxious, when you’re not struggling with different parts of yourself.

When you get to the right answer and the right decision that is yours, there will be a peace and calm that will come within you and radiate from you.

As you make decisions, follow your inner GPS – senses, dreams, insights, hunches and gut feelings, always remember to look for that peace and calm!

Decisions are the Gateway of your future







While in Rome, we rushed off to find the Woman Pope!  My study group and I heard rumors about her – and we wanted to find out more…

For over a thousand years her existence has been denied. But, her story will not die–Pope Joan,

It is widely said that she is a legend, apocryphal – a hoax… But, was she?

It didn’t take long for us to find this beautiful statue of her that still stands in Rome… Joanna with papal crown. Why is her statue there?

I think of this possibility every day — as “Woman Pope” has been my computer access code for the last 10 years!!

Of course, all 266 other popes are male… but this is a story of a woman in disguise.


It is said that Pope Joan reigned as John VIII from 855-859, in the strange gap between Pope Leo IV (847-855) and Benedict III (855-858). Apparently, she ruled the highest office possible in the Catholic Church – with greater spiritual and governmental authority or power than any other woman.




Living Resurrection Life NOW

Stop Dying Already

This is your official invitation to discover greater access to all that is yours… it is an invitation to begin exploring an exciting adventure. It is a journey into rest.

We are told to enter into the REST… but how? Here are some great ideas!

You will receive a daily message. Each one is a concept to add to your life. Each message will enhance the rest – with ideas that will grow and help you see what has hindered you. These ideas will increasingly expand for the rest of your life.

This idea of slowly learning life changing aspects is not new. It is based on a Japanese principle called Kaizen: the practice of continuous improvement. The Bible says it is precept by precept, here a little there a little… like  how rain drops to bring us nutrients and life.

I am very excited to share this teaching with you.

The course starts whenever you do! Each day, you will receive an intentional email delivered to you – one day at a time. Some messages are short and some are a bit longer – just take time to be aware to consider each idea during the day.




End Times – Rightly Dividing

End Of The World

The End Times End of the World

End of the World

end of the world

Everywhere, everywhere people are obsessed with the end times and the end of the world! Moves blast about cataclysmic disasters. Preppers store food in their basement shelters – my neighbor has expensive ebola suits. Prophets speak of tragedy, earthquakes, and judgement.

Christians are falling into the world’s trap of crying, “We’re doomed. We’re going to lose everything.

Followers act like “Chicken little.” If you remember the kid’s story, Chicken Little tried to take a trip – but couldn’t interpret the “signs” and always thought that the sky was falling on his head. He was convinced that the world was coming to an end and all would be lost. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling,” he insisted. Chicken Little had not been mentored or prepared for getting outside the barnyard on his own.

Are you like that when you see the gas prices escalate, stock markets go crazy, and blood moons come and go? Does the word seem to be going to go to hell in a hand basket!

Listen, you can be convinced that everything is over – or you can believe the Goodness of the Word of God. Remember how the disciples looked up to the clouds and the angels said: Why do you stand looking into the sky?” (Acts 1:11). Like – dude, don’t just stand there waiting for Jesus to come back! There’s a life to LIVE! An abundant life that Jesus came to give you awaits.

I just went to a conference where the focus was on Islamic terrorism, the vileness of sexual immorality, and the threat of the end. Three days of fear – no solutions. I couldn’t stay and hear anymore…

The Bible doesn’t tell us to be fanatical with the end. Jesus said: “Concerning that day and hour NO ONE knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only” (Matt. 24:36).

Let’s stop agreeing with negative outcomes. Let’s STOP prophesying judgement into existence. Let’s stop judging each other.

First, believe God’s Word. Second, SAY God’s Word. Finally, DO God’s Word. It’s really that simple.
“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith (1 Jn. 5:4).


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